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PowerPointPipe Replace for PowerPoint

Search and Replace multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
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15 October 2015

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This is a tool that lets you find and replace multiple changes in multiple PowerPoint slideshows.

Search and replace things in multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, that’s what this tool does. For example hyperlinks and UNC paths will have to be changed when servers get renamed, or contact details such as names, addresses and phone numbers are changed. UNC is just a naming convention used to specify and map network drives in Windows. It is almost impossible to make sure, in the manual mode, everything has been done. This tool can help ensure all such changes are done. You could even translate presentations with find/replace lists. Microsoft SharePoint documents or Microsoft Namespace Server mappings could be easily done. There’s a unlimited number of presentations that you can change with this tool, doing more than one change on the go!

To take care of a large number of such presentations, they can be scheduled overnight or over the weekend. No babysitting is required and it will even restart if the MS PowerPoint should crash! Getting the operation done is very easy. You drag and drop files from the Windows explorer to the PowerPointPipe (right click menu also will let you get a folder to be processed in the tool). Having created the search and replace pair list, you simply click the process on. Where this utility scores over the MS PowerPoint is, it provides more search and replace options. Additional items that can be handled include hyperlinks, text boxes, shapes, document properties, such as Title, Subject, Author, Company, etc. It is Unicode compatible, that’s an added benefit. It can even handle ISO 9001 version numbers. The interface makes it all very simple. If you are into managing a bunch of presentations, this is a tool you would want to keep handy.

Publisher's description

Search and Replace multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Change hyperlinks and UNC paths when servers get renamed; update contact details such as names, addresses and phone numbers; translate presentations with find/replace lists; update Microsoft SharePoint documents or Microsoft Namespace Server mappings.
Using PowerPointPipe is simple. 1) Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to PowerPointPipe, or right-click the files or folders to process in Windows Explorer and choose PowerPointPipe. 2) Add one or more search/replace pairs. 3) Go!
PowerPointPipe can change thousands or millions of presentations, and can make multiple changes simultaneously to save time. It automatically handles read-only files, passwords and other protection, and it can be automated to run overnight or over a weekend. No user interaction is required. It even includes restart recovery in case Microsoft PowerPoint crashes!
PowerPointPipe offers many more search and replace options than Microsoft PowerPoint; such as hyperlinks, text boxes, shapes, document properties (such as Title, Subject, Author, Company etc) and more. EasyPatterns and Perl regex patterns can also be used.
Unlike competing products, PowerPointPipe is fully Unicode compliant (allowing Find and Replace with international character sets), and can handle an unlimited number of presentations and find/replace pairs. PowerPointPipe can also update ISO-9001 version numbers. PowerPointPipe can search/replace both .PPT and .PPTX PowerPoint document formats.
Try it today - and see why Microsoft recommends PowerPointPipe to its customers!
PowerPointPipe Replace for PowerPoint
PowerPointPipe Replace for PowerPoint
Version 4.9.1
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